Medical Grade Skincare – A Vitamin Step-Up System

When most people hear Medical Grade Skincare, they instantly think of a product that has been mass-produced in large manufacturing plants formulated with chemicals because how else would you be able to get the results these companies promise. This is completely FALSE! When you buy accredited Medical Grade Skincare, you can guarantee that the products have been scientifically researched and developed without harsh chemicals, parabens, preservatives, etc. Most are developed by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Doctors themselves who are highly educated on the skin and how it functions.

Environ was founded and developed by Dr. Des Fernandes, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from South Africa. His journey into skincare started in the 1990s after losing two female patients in their 20’s to skin cancer. With the current climate conditions in mind and the increase in skin cancer diagnoses, Dr. Des wanted to develop a product that could be used by everyone; men, women and children, from age 4 to 104. Thorough scientific research and clinical studies led Dr. Des to formulate the first cosmetic brand to include effective doses of Vitamin A, C and other antioxidants; thus, Environ was born.

Vitamin A is the cornerstone ingredient in Environ skincare. Highly respected researchers have found Vitamin A essential for skin health, prevention of skin cancer and promote photoprotection. For everyone, Vitamin A must be replaced daily for skin to appear healthier and more resilient. Every day, Vitamin A is depleted from our systems due to sun and light exposure.

What sets Environ apart from other brands, aside from the aforementioned above, is their very smart Vitamin A Step-Up System. With the motto, ‘Start Low, Go Slow,’ a new user of the product will less likely experience an adverse reaction. Dr. Des created the Step-Up System to help skin gradually become comfortable with increasing doses of Vitamin A & other ingredients; normalize and adapt. Environ’s products and treatments support the skin’s natural processes and do not encourage harsh, physical exfoliation of the skin. Environ has always been produced using high-quality ingredients and fresh vitamins with the Swiss Vitamin Institute testing the products annually for freshness, quality and integrity along with frequently conducted clinical trials.

When it comes to manufacturing and packaging, Environ has very high standards beginning with their own production plant with dedicated chemists. Using the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, each product is carefully filled under red light to protect sensitive ingredients and the integrity of the vitamins that can be easily destroyed by light, heat and air. To ensure exposure to air is prevented, manufacturing is done under a vacuum. Environ uses special protective packaging to shield formulations from light and air.

Environ takes pride in every product formulated to bring your skin back to a normalized state. It’s not about overnight results, it’s about taking your skin on a journey to achieve the healthy, glowing and happy condition we all desire. For more information, reach out to me.