Cryosurgery ~ FreezPen

Cryosurgery Device

A powerful, precise and painless treatment for unwanted benign skin lesions.

The FreezPen provides a simple way to treat common lesions, extremely accurately, quickly, effectively and with no pain or stress.

One lesion can be treated in less than 1 minute!

Common Treatments

Some common unwanted lesions that can be treated include:

    • skin tags
    • keratoses
    • common warts
    • plantar warts
    • hemangiomas
    • pigmented spots
    • solar lentigo
    • AND MORE!

Post Treatment

Post-treatment results will leave no scarring and the frozen tissue will disappear in as little as one week; could take up to a few weeks.

You will be left with fresh skin and will want to ensure you are applying SPF every day. This is extremely important to prevent repetitive damage to your skin.